Pac-12 Enterprises show appreciation for MATT Construction

By Jonathan Okanes

About a month ago, Pac-12 Enterprises president Gary Stevenson paid a visit to the construction site of the soon-to-be open headquarters in San Francisco and handed out Pac-12 t-shirts and helmet stickers to the 100 or so workers from MATT Construction on the scene.

“They went like hotcakes,” Stevenson said.

The cuisine from Cabana Dave’s Catering was a big hit, too.

Pac-12 Enterprises bought lunch for the construction crew Wednesday, treating them to a buffet-style feast that featured tri-tip, chicken, baked beans, corn and more. Both Stevenson and Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott spoke to the group and offered their appreciation for the hard work they are putting in leading up to the launch of the Pac-12 Networks in August.

“They’re pretty excited about it,” said Xavier Saucedo, the superintendent from MATT Construction overseeing the project. “That means a lot to them. You don’t see that on a lot of projects. It’s a great morale-builder for the guys. For Larry and Gary to come out and let those guys know, these guys don’t normally see that kind of stuff. They really appreciated it.”

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott thanks the workers from MATT Construction for the job they are doing building the headquarters for Pac-12 Enterprises.

Scott gathered the workers in a circle in the first floor garage of the facility at the corner of Harrison and Third Streets and stood in the middle, offering his encouragement and gratitude. After going through the buffet line, Stevenson gave his remarks while the crew sat at table-cloth lined tables behind the building.

Pac-12 Enterprises president Gary Stevenson talks to construction workers while they enjoy a buffet lunch from Cabana Dave’s Catering.

“A lot of times on construction sites, a worker may not have a connection to really what they are working on because it’s just another building,” Stevenson said. “The commissioner and I wanted to thank them for their hard work on our behalf, but we also wanted them to understand what it is they are working on. Anytime someone feels connected to what they are doing, it’s a more valuable experience.”

More images from Wednesday’s festivities:


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