Pac-12 Enterprises headquarters takes shape

By Jonathan Okanes

On the average, about 90 workers from MATT Construction come to the corner of Third and Harrison Street in San Francisco every day to work on the new Pac-12 Enterprises headquarters. Studios, offices and many other features will take up two floors of office space in the downtown facility, and everything is on track for the headquarters to be fully functional by the time the Pac-12 Networks launch on Aug. 15.

Xavier Saucedo, project superintendent for MATT Construction, said the workforce for the project is peaking right now, meaning over 100 workers are on-site daily. It will stay that way for awhile until the final stages of the project, when not quite as much labor will be required.

From now until the project is complete, the Pac-12 Networks blog will make semi-regular visits to the headquarters to provide updates on the progress. Below are some images of the facility’s current status:

The main reception area of the Pac-12 Enterprises headquarters.

Looking down into the main studio for the Pac-12 Networks.

A view from the floor level of the main Pac-12 Networks studio.

The main electrical/control room. “This is where it all happens,” Saucedo says.

This is an auxillary studio where further Pac-12 Network programming will take place.

A large space in the middle of the headquarters that will house cubicles and office space.


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