Networks make an impact

Gene Gordon attended all of his grandson’s high school water polo games in Granite Bay, Calif. But when Andrew Reego moved on to USC, it became harder for Gordon to make it to the games in person.

Gordon was excited last season to watch the Trojans’ NCAA quarterfinal playoff match online. Afterward, he wondered, “Why aren’t these games on TV? They are so exciting.”

Gordon passed away earlier this month at the age of 85, but Andrew and his parents, Jim and Liz, were thrilled he got the chance to watch last year’s tournament game. And Gordon’s question has been heeded.

The Pac-12 Networks will air seven men’s water polo contests this fall, including three appearances by Reego and the Trojans.

“We’re so thrilled that they will now get more credit for how hard they work,” Liz Reego said. “There are so many incredible athletes that don’t get noticed until the Olympics. I think the media is recognizing there is such a broad bandwidth of great athletes.”

Like a lot of parents of Pac-12 athletes, the Reegos are excited that there will be another way to watch their son play if they can’t make the games in person.

“We like to go to the games, but we don’t make all of them,” Liz Reego said. “The advantage is especially for athletes that don’t go to school in their area. You get so used to watching every game in high school then all of the sudden you can’t anymore because you have to travel. That’s why the Pac-12 Network is such a great idea.”


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