Bringing their hearts to San Francisco

Pac-12 Enterprises Vice President of Communications Kirk Reynolds was one of 74 employees that moved into the organization’s new home in San Francsico on Monday. He immediately began taking care of important business.

He installed his spanking new nerf hoop atop his office door.

There was a palpable excitement at 370 Third Street on Monday, as Pac-12 Networks reached another milestone with the relocation from Walnut Creek, Calif. to the new San Francisco headquarters. Employees began to make themselves comfortable in their new offices and cubicles, and later were paid a visit by San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, who welcomed the staff to his city.

“You’re going to have this wonderful environment that we have in the city and be part of that innovative spirit,” Lee said. “You’ll never regret this move. We’re here not only to support you; we’re here to invite you to take advantage of the entreprenurial spirit of the whole San Francisco Bay Area.”

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee holds up a “Pac-12 Networks” helmet, given to him by Pac-12 Enterprises President Gary Stevenson to celebrate the organization’s first day in its new downtown headquarters.

Pac-12 Enterprises Gary Stevenson said Lee was instrumental in helping the staff move into the new facilities after setting an ambitious timeline for construction. MATT Construction made the headquarters move-in ready in about five months.

“When we first met, I told Mayor Lee that we are going to help create 150 jobs and we’re also not going to ask you for any money for anything. He kind of sat up in his chair,” Stevenson told the staff before introducing Lee in the lobby of the new facility. “But we did ask him for speed. We needed some help with permits. He looked me in the eye and said, ‘You got it. Whatever you need, the city of San Francisco will give it to you.'”

Pac-12 Networks staff members gather in their new lobby to listen to President Gary Stevenson and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee on the first day of business at the new downtown headquarters.

The headquarters takes up two floors of office space near the corner of Harrison Street in San Francisco and includes several conference rooms, a green room for on-air talent, two studios, production rooms and more. The set for the main studio will be in place by next week.

The networks plan on beginning to rehearse different production elements in two weeks and aim to have full rehearsals by Aug. 1. The networks launch on Aug. 15.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of smiles today,” Stevenson said. “It’s a day of tremendous pride, what a team can accomplish in a short period of time. What we got done here is a real milestone. But we have to remind ourselves that we’re only on second base. We still have a ways to go.”

Some more images from another milestone day for the Pac-12 Networks:

Pac-12 Networks employees get to work on their first day at their new headquarters in downtown San Francisco.

A long row of cubicle and desks are just part of the vast office space at the new Pac-12 Networks headquarters.

The Pac-12 Networks’ new headquarters has several spacious conference rooms.

A large production room is one of the integral elements of the new Pac-12 Networks headquarters.


San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee received a “Pac-12 Networks” helmet after welcoming the staff to the city Monday.

Pac-12 Networks employees gather in the lobby of their new headquarters while waiting for a visit from San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

Pac-12 Networks staff pose for a picture with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

Pac-12 Enterprises Vice President of Communications Kirk Reynolds christens his new office with a nerf hoop atop his door.



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