Networks meaningful to Robinson

Ted Robinson has done just about all you can in sports broadcasting, but he realizes there is something special about the college game.

As an example, Robinson was in Tucson last year to do the men’s basketball game between Stanford and Arizona when U.S. Rep Gabrielle Giffords was shot outside a grocery store. The game was postponed a day and Robinson said he was struck by the connection the Arizona campus had with its community.

“I was blown away by the reverence the community had for the university,” said Robinson, hired earlier this week to be the lead football play-by-play broadcaster for the Pac-12 Networks. “There was an incredible bond. It showed the role a university has in bonding people together. I didn’t understand that and it took a horrible thing to hammer it home. I learned something that day.”

Robinson is a perfect fit to call Pac-12 football games. He has served stints as the voice of Stanford and Cal and has done endless college games on network television.

“I’ve been around a lot,” Robinson said. “The conference is clearly moving in the right direction. I think we would all agree it needed a boost in terms of exposure. It’s great to be with the conference.

Robinson will call football games every week and be paired with color analyst Glenn Parker. Robinson is also the current radio voice of the San Francisco 49ers so wil be catching a lot of flights after Pac-12 games on Saturday to be at a 49ers game the next day.


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