Pac-12 Networks Talent Gets Officially Underway

During their last day in Los Angeles for Pac-12 Football Media Day, the newly minted Pac-12 Networks on-air football game and studio crew got the full scoop on the Pac-12 Networks from its staff and executives in a four-hour talent welcome session.

The session marked the conclusion of an exciting two days in Los Angeles for Pac-12 Football Media Day, where the new Pac-12 football on air personalities were introduced to the media. What followed was a blur of handshakes, media interviews and photo shoots to mark the official arrival of Ashley Adamson, Curtis Conway, Ryan Nece, Glenn Parker, Kevin Calabro, Adam Archuleta, Coy Wire and Yogi Roth to the Pac-12 football scene.

The group got schooled on everything from the Pac-12 Networks programming and production strategy to an update on our distribution, marketing and digital work.

Among the speakers were Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott, Pac-12 Enterprises President Gary Stevenson, Pac-12 Networks Executive Vice President & General Manager Lydia Murphy-Stephans, Senior Vice President of Production and Operations Leon Schweir, Vice President of Marketing and Promotions Greg Neal, Pac-12 Digital Vice President and General Manager David Aufhauser and Senior Vice President of Affiliate Sales and Marketing Art Marquez. Additionally, Pac-12 Officiating Coordinator Tony Corrente also gave the group a crash course in the rules and regulations both new and old Pac-12 officials will be focused on this fall in the field of play.

Yogi Roth, Ryan Nece, Curtis Conway and Rick Neuheisel were just four of the Pac-12 analysts in Universal City for the talent welcome meeting


Pac-12 Networks, Shootin’ with the Coaches

By Greg Neal

Renaissance Hotel, 4th floor
Walnut Creek, California

With all the fuss about winning the Pac-12 Football Championship trophy, our coaches might be in line for a different type of hardware, an Academy Award.
We kicked off our inaugural creative on-air promotional campaign by shooting all 12 Pac-12 Football coaches, with a bit of a twist. It required a little acting, but that was no problem for our guys.
History Channel is no longer about History…MTV, no music…A&E, where’s the arts? Well, Pac-12 Networks will be all PAC-12 all the time.
So we did a little Hollywood spoof by making the coaches starts of TV shows you will NEVER see on our networks.
Whittlin’ with Whittingham? The only show about whittling starring Utah Coach Kyle Whittingham.
Fish n’ Chip! Oregon Coach Chip Kelley now has a fishing show?
And Mora Mora. Jim Mora and his twin brother take on the city’s dark side.
Then we follow up with a pre-empt message that takes you to a killer montage of Pac-12 action.
I’ll just tease everyone with these few and we’ll circulate them after we edit. We’ll be making up to 20 different promos.
Another day in the life of Hollywood.

Football isn’t the only thing Kyle Whittingham is good at

Chip Kelly goes fishin’

Jim Mora and his twin brother tackle crime on the streets of Los Angeles